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Hold Your Torch A Little Higher To Light Up The Way Of The Blind


In 1986 we started the braille textbook distribution program on the basis of the results of two investigations: One was done with a questionnaire at "The 6th General Assembly of the World Council for the Welfare of the Blind (WCWB) East Asia Region" which was held in Singapore in 1983. The other was the first research on the welfare for the blind in Nepal, which was conducted in 1985. In 1987 we made the second research on the welfare for the blind in Nepal and held a seminar with Nepalese educators for the blind in Kathmandu. Following this seminar we started the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project for the visually handicapped in Bara District, Narayani Zone.

Braille Printing Project

We invited a staff of NAWB to train for basic techniques and knowledge of braille plate making and printing, maintenance of printing and plate making machines at the manufacturers of those machines and at our association, and after this we sent our staff and two sets of braille printing machines for on-site training. This project has been very successful because braille textbooks for the elementary and junior high schools are printed in Nepal at present, and are distributed to the students free. This project will be extended to cover the increasing demand for the textbooks in those schools and also to distribute textbooks to high school students. The new brick-made printing house with two stories will be completed in early 1992 and it is adjacent to the present printing house.

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Staff at the front gate of NAWB's main office

The address of the new printing house is as follows;

Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind
P. O. Box 3255, Tripureshwar, Kathmandu
TEL: (977) 1-260583, 261219 FAX: (977) 1-261047

CBR Project

Since 1989, after concluding an agreement with Social Service National Coordination Council (SSNCC) we have participated in the CBR project aimed at preventing the loss of people's eyesight and rehabilitating the visually handicapped in the neighboring area of Birganj in south Nepal. Field workers employed locally who make regular rounds of local villages checking up and making a survey on the visually handicapped in the area carry out the operation of the project. Then according to the results of the survey, the field workers distribute vitamin A and give counseling for self-help which includes; encouraging participation in the educational system, orientation and mobility, training for activity of daily living (ADL), and occupational training.

In 1991 the CBR Center, with an eye clinic as the base of this project, will be enhanced much more than at present.


The address of the center is as follows;

Bara CBR Center for the Blind
7 Kalaiya, Bara District, Narayani Zone,
TEL:(977) 53-550125

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